Street Closures for the Downtown Area


Event: The intersection of Market Street and Water Street closed
Date: Mid April- TBD
Additional Information: Immediately following the Azalea Festival, the Market & Water Street intersection will be closed to vehicular traffic while remaining open to pedestrian traffic.  Some of the businesses in the 00 Block of Market Street and on S. Water Street to provide “Sidewalks / Businesses are Open” type signs as well as directional arrows to the Riverwalk.This closure is required so that crews can install new gravity sewer lines and replace a portion of the stormwater drainage system at the foot of Princess Street. 

Event:  2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade
Event Description:  Parade to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with include upwards of 100 units of marching bands, civic and church organizations, community groups, dignitaries; elected officials and more.
Date:   Monday, January 16, 2017
Set up Time: 9:00am
Break Down Time: 3:30pm
Event Time: 11:00am – 2:30pm
Rain Date: N/A
Trash Removal/Clean Up Plan:  City and MLK volunteers
Location of Event: N 3rd St. between Brunswick St. & Princess St. & N. 4th St. between Brunswick St. and Market St.

  • Parade entries to cue at CFCC Schwartz Center parking lot, Brunswick St., Hanover St. and Nutt St. 
  • Parade route – Starts at N. 3rd St. & Brunswick/Hanover St.’s, proceeds southbound on N. 3rd St. to Princess St., eastbound on Princess St. to 4th St., northbound on 4th St. to Brunswick St. where they will disperse.  Parade map attached

Street to be closed:  

  • N. 3rd St. between Market St. and Nixon St. / N. Front St.
  • N. 4th St. between Market St. and Bladen St.
  • Princess St. between 3rd St. & 4th St.
  • Chestnut St. between 3rd St.& 4th  St.
  • Grace St. between 3rd St. & 4th St.
  • Walnut St. between 3rd St. & 4th St.
  • Red Cross St. between 3rd St. & 4th St
  • Campbell between 3rd St. & 4th St.
  • Hanover St. between 3rd St. & 4th St
  • Hanover St. between Front St. & 3rd St.
  • Hanover St. between Nunn St. & N. Front St.)
  • Brunswick St. between Nutt St. & Front St.
  • Brunswick St. between Front St. & 3rd St.
  • Brunswick St. between 3rd St. & 4th St.
  • Eastbound Davis St. between N. 3rd St. & N. 4th St.
  • Nutt St. between Brunswick St. & Hanover St.

Number of Barricades needed:  80 Barricades Total Required

Additional Info:   

  •          North and south bound 3rd St. through traffic to be detoured to Hwy 74 to Hwy 421 to Hwy 17
  •          North and south bound local traffic can use Front St. and 5th St.
  •          Market St. to remain open to east and west bound traffic
  •          Digital message boards on southbound MLK Parkway  and  northbound S. 3rd St. alerting motorists of traffic pattern changes
  •          Contracting with Secured Traffic Control for N. 3rd St. closure/detour per DOT standards
  •          MLK volunteers at all barricaded intersections
  •          WPD to man intersections for traffic control and participant/spectator safety
  •          Applicant responsible for notifying residents/businesses along parade route

·         Port-o-lets locations 4 @ 2nd St. and Hanover St. &  4 @ Red Cross St. & and N. 4th St