Have a Heart- Give Smart Wilmington


Giving money to panhandlers often supports drug and alcohol addiction.  Wilmington has a variety of social service agencies that can help people in need.  Please give smart to ensure your donation has the most positive impact possible.


  • Politely say “No” or “Sorry”
  • Instead of giving spare change or cash, ask a Downtown Ambassador dressed in orange and black to refer the panhandler to food and other resources.
  • Aggressive panhandling is illegal.  If you feel threatened, call 911
  • If you want to help people in need, donate to any of the organizations listed in this pamphlet or visit givesmartwilmington.org to learn about other organizations and more. 
  • Want to make an immediate donation, text Heart to 910.817.4301

Give Smart and show that Wilmington cares by donating to charities instead of panhandlers. 

There are a variety of services and resources in the Greater Downtown area for those who need assistance.  For a list of services, visit this link.  


To donate to the Have a Heart- Give Smart Wilmington campaign, 

**Note that 100% of all contributions will be donated to local agencies .