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My Downtown Because...Video Contest Winners

The Downtown Wilmington Municipal Service District (MSD) announced the winners of a video contest that was organized around the theme of My Downtown Because…. The winner for the Professional category is Damien Capps whose submission used a story focused on a young couple exploring Downtown shops, events and places.  The Hobbyist category was won by Jocabed Aragon.  Her story followed the friendships of 3 women as they visited multiple Downtown locations. 


The contest was created to generate user-submitted videos that captured unique Downtown stories and to spur engagement from local residents.  The contest attracted 10 total entries and had categories based on the skill level of the applicant.  Each video was required to be 30 to 100 seconds in length and applicants were encouraged to creatively interpret the theme and tell a story.  To view the winners and all of the submissions, visit this link:

The Video Contest was funded by the MSD and included a cash prize of $2,000 for the Professional category and $1,000 for the Hobbyist category.  Members of WDI’s Enjoy Committee judged the submissions.  The committee included business owners, marketing professionals and volunteers with an interest in Downtown.


“We were very pleased with the quality of all the submissions,” said MSD Chair Jim Quinn.   “Given the area’s rich history in film and television production, MSD leaders saw this contest as a great way to involve area residents and tap into local talent to obtain different perspectives about Downtown,” he said. 


Mr. Capps is a freelance producer, videographer and editor who currently resides in Wilmington, North Carolina.  Ms. Aragon graduated in May from UNC Wilmington with degrees in film studies and communication studies.  Aragón partnered with Jennifer Chin, a senior lecturer in communication studies, on the project.


“The videos will serve as a new starting point for social media driven content for marketing Downtown as a destination,” said Cathey Luna, Chair of WDI’s Enjoy Committee and owner of Luna Ad.  “Research shows that user-generated content can be very compelling for some consumers and these clever videos should help nurture more interest and excitement,” she said. 


WDI President Ed Wolverton encourages area residents and visitors to view all the videos and share their favorites on social media.  He hopes that the MSD will consider another contest with a different assignment in the future.


About the Downtown Wilmington Municipal Service District

The City of Wilmington formed the MSD in July 2017 to provide enhanced services to Downtown business and property owners. 


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WDI's mission is to promote the economic growth and development of Downtown Wilmington.


See the winners and all the entries here!