WDI Board of Directors and Staff

A public-private partnership, Wilmington Downtown, Inc. (WDI) is governed by a 38-member board that represents various downtown constituencies, as well as city and county governments.

The board serves from July 1 to June 30, which is WDI's fiscal year. The full board meets quarterly and the five standing committees meet every month. The WDI board chair, vice chairs and treasurer constitute the executive committee, which meets monthly.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Board Chair: Tom Davis
  • Board Vice Chair:  Dane Scalise
  • Secretary: Spruill Thompson
  • Treasurer: Deb Hays
  • Chair, ENJOY Committee: Cathey Luna
  • Chair, PLAY Committee: Hank Estep
  • Chair, DREAM Committee: Stephen Whitney
  • Chair, WORK Committee: Tyler Pegg
  • City of Wilmington:  Margaret Haynes
  • New Hanover County Commissioners:  Rob Zapple
  • Immediate Past Chair: Colin Tarrant


Zach Adams
Mike Lardieri
Rob Beale
Eric Laut
Sharon Boyd
Connie Lincoln
Phoebe Bragg
Elizabeth Marion
Nancy Bullock
Blair Middleton
Dawn Carter
Laura Miller
Mave Claire
Rachel Nadeau
Erris Dunston
Tim Neathery
Tom Harris
Paul Pascarosa
Clark Henry
Daniel Pena
Jeff Hovis
Jennifer Rigby
Hayley Jensen
John Walker
Billy King
John Wilse
Sylvia Kochler



Ed Wolverton, President & CEO

Haven Holsinger, Director of Events/ Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Carole Wirszyla, Content Developer and Manager