Features of this Website:

Like downtown Wilmington, this website serves as the center of Wilmington’s historic, cultural, dining, shopping and entertainment guide to all of downtown. Whether you are a local or a tourist, everything you need to know about downtown is now at your fingertips.

Business Listings for All of Downtown

All businesses in the Central Business District and Castle Street are listed for free. To add your new or existing business to this listing, click here. (Please be sure to check that your business is not already listed before submitting information -- thank you!)

Interactive Downtown Map

This map shows the location of all downtown business and attractions. You can browse by categories such Dining, Shopping, Entertainment, etc. Once in one of these main categories, you can narrow it down even further with the sub-categories listed on the left side navigation bar. To view the interactive downtown map, click here.

Events Calendar

If you have an upcoming event in downtown, we can post it here for free. Click here to submit an event to our website. Please note: all submissions are reviewed by WDI staff prior to posting live on the website. Whether or not the event is placed on the calendar is at the discretion of WDI.

Available Properties Listing

We feature an available properties listing for downtown; you can view commercial listings (for rent or sale) or residential listings (for rent or sale), as well as the newest development projects. If you would like to add a downtown property, please fill out the residential property online form or commercial property online form.


We encourage you to browse through our site to experience all of the exciting features that contribute to WDI's mission of promoting the economic growth and development of downtown Wilmington! If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.