Wilmington Downtown Freakers for Sale

What's a Freaker? "Manufactured in Troy, North Carolina, Freakers are nationally recognized as the one-size-fits-all knit koozie that functionally makes your beverage feel special. Presented in myriad of prismatic designs; the Freaker is a strong, tight knit that keeps your liquids insulated in style! " - freakerusa.com

Freaker USA is headquartered in downtown Wilmington, NC. The Wilmington Downtown Freaker is sold exclusively through Wilmington Downtown, Inc. (WDI) and available for purchase for $10.00 at our office located at 221 North Front Street, Suite 102. If you wish to purchase the Wilmington Downtown Freaker online and have the product shipped directly to you, please use the link below. An extra fee, in addition to shipping and handling costs, applies.