A Sustainable Approach to Provide Extra Services to Improve Downtown Wilmington

Proposed Services, Management and Rate



A Municipal Service District (MSD) is a financing mechanism used to provide revenue for a variety of services that enhance, not replace, existing municipal services within a specified area. There are more than 1,200 BIDs in North America, according to the International Downtown Association. The North Carolina Department of Commerce identified 56 MSD’s with assessments for improving downtowns.  In each case, the services and activities of the BID have been tailored to meet the specific needs identified by the community that funds them.

This report has been prepared by the MSD Task Force convened by Wilmington Downtown Incorporated based on a request by the City of Wilmington to evaluate the establishment of a Municipal Improvement District in Downtown.  Based on this evaluation that spanned over a year and included 3 public meetings, two mailings, dozens of individual input sessions and an extensive examination of best practices of MSDs operating in other communities, the Board of Directors of Wilmington Downtown Incorporated is recommending that the City of Wilmington create an MSD to provide new resources and extra services to further improve Downtown.  The following report details the process and the rationale.  

Learn more about the MSD Task Force recommendation by reading this report.