Creative Freestyle: Acrylic Pouring


  • Friday, Oct 20, 2017 7-9 pm

LOCATION: Menagerie Design Studio - 805 N 4TH ST

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Enjoy a little social lubricant and experience the most addicting moving meditation of acrylic pouring. Discover the most addicting, fascinatingly beautiful act of acrylic pouring. This is an actual work of art completely unique to you. You choose the colors that you're drawn to by instinct and frequency. You control the movement of the paint to create truly delightful happy accidents. Do not worry about the person next to you painting a better palm tree than you. There is no comparison. The playing field is even and the results are delicious. We will do 3 pours, the art is yours to keep. Please note this method takes a bit to dry so leaving them overnight is advised but not mandatory. Appropriate for any age or skill level. All supplies included