Elite Innovations LLC

201 N Front St
Suite M-107
Wilmington, NC 28401
Telephone: 910-805-0187

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CATEGORY: Architects/ Engineering

Current As Of 1/26/2018

Elite Innovations is a product development firm and offers a membership-based MakerSpace as well. Product development goes beyond the prototype. It’s designing and building a product with manufacturability, materials, cost, packaging, and distribution in mind. It means building a product that will sell. Do you have a product idea that you need to test or show investors but not sure how? We are your one stop shop to get your working prototype built and working for testing and demo purposes. A Maker Space is a one-stop-shop location for inventors, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, tinkerers, and small businesses to turn their ideas into tangible products. Within the Elite Innovations Maker Space, you have access to all of our tools and equipment, as well as our prototyping and manufacturing expertise.

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