Pay by Phone

Wilmington, NC 28401
Telephone: 1-888-380-7275

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All on street meters offer a Pay-By-Phone option. Users must create an account by registering at the meter or ahead of time by visiting You can also create an account by downloading the paybyphone app on a smartphone.  Each account requires a vehicle tag number, cell phone number and a credit card.

Here’s how it works - pull into an on street parking space and call the 888 number on the meter or open the app on your smart phone.  The automated service will recognize your cell phone number.  Then, enter the 5-digit code that is on the meter and answer the prompt for how much time you want. The credit card will be charged the amount of time at $1.00 per hour, plus a convenience fee.

The service will send a text message 5 minutes before the meter runs out of time.  If running late in a meeting or at lunch, you can add some additional time.  If you expect to be Downtown longer than 2 hours, you can always use a parking deck to avoid a ticket.