A Living Downtown

Downtown offers a mix of options for people who want to live in the center city.  Historic mansions, contemporary condos, single family houses, sleek townhomes and modern apartments are all available throughout the center city.  The range includes upper floor homes along bustling commercial corridors to quiet tree-lined streets with wrap-around porches and manicured gardens.

A major value of Downtown living is walkability. Offices, shops, restaurants, culture and natural sites are literally just steps away from anywhere in Downtown.  Walking is a great way to see and experience the architectural wonders, the mix of uses and urban fabric in Downtown, in addition to providing a sustainable lifestyle.  Other benefits of a walking city include more social interaction, physical fitness, diminished crime and other social problems. Walkable cities are more livable communities that lead to a fulfilling and happier lifestyle for residents.

Downtown has a great network of distinct neighborhoods, including the Brooklyn Arts District and the Castle Street Antiques and Arts District.  Organizations like the Residents of Old Wilmington (ROW) provides opportunities for area dwellers to socialize and connect.  While Downtown living can require some flexibility, the area is alive at all times of the day and night with activity and interest.

A number of real estate firms specialize in Downtown residential property.  They can serve as great resources for finding a dream home in historic Downtown Wilmington.