After 25 Years, the Cucalorus Festival Continues to Grow

Posted Nov 15th, 2019 in Weekend Wish List

This week, movie buffs are in their element because Downtown Wilmington is home to the 25th Annual Cucalorus Festival which, this year, showcases 187 short and feature films from around the world. The film program covers myriad topics and also includes dance videos. Some of the films are works-in-progress and many are from emerging artists.

Since its inception 25 years ago, the Cucualorus Festival has grown to showcase more entertainment beyond films. In 2010, dancers, choreographers, spoken word artists, musicians, performance artists and installation artists joined the program. The diversification of the festival appealed to a wider audience and magnified the number of attendees. Four years ago, the Cucalorus Connect Conference launched to bring innovators and entrepreneurs together. This third element of the festival is now a popular draw for the business community.

This year’s festival kicked off Wednesday with Dance-a-lorus at Thalian and an interactive music-video concert at Brooklyn Arts Center (BAC) that wowed attendees with a multi-sensory performance. On Thursday, the Connect Conference opened with a great line-up of speakers and immersive discussions. The 10 x 10 Challenge Screening and Rocket Pitch close out the Connect Conference today. It starts at 4:00 p.m. in the BAC and is a must-attend event for budding entrepreneurs.

Throughout the five-day festival, the films screen across four different venues, three of which are in the center city―Thalian Hall, Jengo’s Playhouse and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, with Thalian providing three different stages. Although you can’t be in four places at once, the start times are staggered to give you ample time to get to different venues.

There are lots of different options for attending the festival and we recommend you study the schedule to make your plan. ticket prices vary for individual events so Cucalorus offers ticket packages that allow you to get a bundle of tickets to share with friends, or use all by yourself. These can be redeemed online or in-person at the box offices. One important thing to note when buying tickets ahead of time is that you need to arrive 30 minutes before the event start time to guarantee your seat.

With such a diverse selection of films and events, the entertainment value is huge. To make the most of your time at the Cucalorus Festival, be sure to check out the many downtown shops and eateries.

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