Ambassadors Clean Up So Graffiti Doesn’t Get You Down

Posted Aug 6th, 2018 in Feat of the Week

Graffiti is a problem that can damage property and give negative public safety perceptions for customers, residents and visitors. To address this vandalism, the Downtown Ambassadors are equipped to quickly take action to remove this unwanted blight.

During patrols, the Ambassadors are keeping an eye out for graffiti vandalism. If they find graffiti, the Ambassadors will first document the damage. If on public property like a street sign or light pole, the team will then remove the image. If graffiti is discovered on a privately owned property, such as the side of a building, the Ambassadors will ask the property owner for permission to remove the image. If granted, they will then do so.

The Ambassadors have options for removing graffiti but need to be careful to avoid further damage of a defaced structure. Sometimes, the easiest way to remove graffiti from a painted surface is to paint over the offending image. They can also use a pressure washer to remove the unwanted graphic. Lastly, the Ambassadors can use an eco-friendly, biodegradable chemical that will help to remove paint from a defaced property.



The Ambassadors act promptly and are usually able to remove the graffiti within 3-4 days. If you see any graffiti, email and let us know.