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Posted Oct 31st, 2018 in Retail Roundup

Walking into Old Books On Front Street is like entering Aladdin’s Cave or experiencing a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Shelf upon shelf of books beckon and sheer curiosity draws you deeper into the store. Books line the walls from floor to ceiling and shelves extend out every few feet to create cozy reading nooks complete with comfy chairs where visitors can relax and browse at their leisure.

Book lovers, book collectors and even those with a passing interest will be delighted by the vast choice of books available. The store is home to thousands of books, 65 percent used and 35 percent new. You will also find something different around every corner including treasures like t-shirts, totes, coffee mugs, bookmarks, candy, soap, cold beer and wine!

You may wonder what these things have to do with books. Look more closely and you will see the connection—the products are adorned with famous literary quotes. There are even vending machines where you can vend-a-poem, vend-a-book, or vend-a-quote. The adult beverages are available for purchase and are popular during social gatherings like evenings with pianist, James Jarvis, book clubs and literary tours. The store has also become a popular venue for marriage proposals!

The literary tour costs $8 and begins every Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Join the tour to expand your knowledge of books, authors, writers, poets, playwrights and more during a 1½-2-hour walking tour which connects literature dating back to 1595 to a number of different historical sites in Downtown Wilmington. Tickets

As you can tell, this is not an ordinary bookstore; it is a magical place unlike any other and is an essential part of the downtown community. Owner, Gwenyfar Rohler recalls advice from the previous owner, Dick Daughtry. He said, “You want to be memorable.” She has followed that advice by offering unique experiences like the ability to select and listen to audiobooks via the jukebox. There is also a short-term rental unit above the shop, called The Literary Loft, that includes a life-size version of Scrabble.

Visit Old Books on Front Street to experience the magic!

Hours: Mon – Sat 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. or later, Sun noon – 6:00 p.m.

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