Boombalatti's, Where Every Day is an Ice Cream Day

Posted Mar 10th, 2020 in Foodie Fodder

One of the great things about ice cream is that it tastes good anytime, anyplace, anywhere! It doesn’t even have to be a sunny day to eat ice cream. In fact, if you follow Boombalatti’s on social media, you’ll realize every day is an ice cream day!

Boombalatti’s opened in the Brooklyn Arts District on North 4th Street in spring 2018 and has been churning out the good stuff at a rapid rate ever since. Downtown is the second location for owners, Wes and Kristen Bechtel, who moved here from the northeast in 2015 to fulfil their dream of owning an ice cream shop by the beach.

ith no former experience in the business, it was a steep learning curve. The Bechtels wanted the best ice cream for their dream business so they make it from scratch with all-natural ingredients. Even the cream comes from North Carolina, grass-fed cows! All the ice cream is made fresh daily at The Forum location and they make more than 20 different flavors so you can be adventurous and try something different or stick with your favorite every time. They even create four to six different vegan flavors using coconut milk and coconut cream.

Year-round, the most popular flavors are chocolate cream pie, mocha Oreo and cinnamon caramel oatmeal cookie. This week, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you can opt for the “lucky charm”—a zero-milk ice cream layered with Lucky Charms and marshmallows. Pair this with a cold, nitro brew shake and you’ll be set for the day…every day!

Boombalatti’s ice cream is a go-to treat for anyone and any occasion. It’s affordable; it keeps the kids quiet and it makes people happy. To make your visit an even greater experience, parking is free in the Brooklyn Arts District.

To reflect the fun vibe, the downtown location is decorated in cheerful pastel colors and the full-size logo painted on one wall provides a great place for selfies!

On the other wall, beside the colorful merchandise, are social media counters for Facebook and Instagram. So, if you download the apps and click, “follow,” you will see what effect that has in real-time on the counter.

You can also enjoy ice cream inside or out because Boombalatti’s has a great patio alongside the building. Contemporary patio furniture was recently added and soon, a local artist will be painting a mural on the long wall.

An added bonus you may not know about is Sprinkles. Yes, you can get sprinkles on your ice cream; however, Sprinkles is a 1971 VW bus fitted out as an ice cream truck that you can rent for events, parties and weddings.

Fun fact: Sprinkles even has its own website!

Hours: Open daily, noon – 10:00 p.m.

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