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Posted Sep 7th, 2018 in Weekend Wish List

Howard’s Seafood and Convenience Store has stood the test of time. On Castle Street for 25 years, the business features fresh, locally-sourced seafood that draws customers from far and wide. Other products and beverages were added over time for customer convenience.

Now operated by the Abbelhamid family, Howard’s is a customer-focused business. Ocean crab from local waters is the most popular item and the family fulfills customer requests from as far away as New York and Baltimore. Most regulars are local; yet, many drive weekly from Raleigh or Whiteville to stock up on ocean crab. Seafood prices vary depending on availability; however, the Abbelhamid family gives great deals for regular customers.


In addition to seafood, Howard’s shelves are stocked with canned and packaged goods and its fridges are full of beverages. The owners also stock fresh bread, some fresh produce, frozen convenience meals and even ice cream! 

The Abbelhamids believe the availability of fresh seafood and access to convenience products brings customers in.  The way they treat customers like family keeps people coming back. 

When demand for ocean crabs is high, the owners recommend trying the shrimp, clams, red snapper, or one of the many other fresh seafood choices.

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. daily

Call 910 251 7705 to check seafood availability

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