CRUST Kitchen & Cocktails Provides Year-Round Comfort Food

Posted Feb 11th, 2020 in Foodie Fodder

Experiencing such mild weather in Wilmington recently, you may have dodged the winter blues and can be forgiven for thinking spring is already here. However, with a few more weeks to go until spring, you might need to ramp up the comfort food to get you through.

CRUST Kitchen & Cocktails has the perfect solution for year-round comfort—grilled cheese! This simple concept was taken to a new level by the founders of CRUST when they added a new school twist to an old school classic. What they came up with is so much more than a piece of bread with cheese on top that is grilled to melted perfection. They embraced the concept and re-imagined it. Even the simplest menu option, the “Home Alone,” is piled high with four different kinds of cheese—cheddar, Muenster, brie and Swiss—and served with fries, salad or soup.

The business opened downtown in 2018 and was popular from the outset. When the owners decided to pursue other ventures and the business came on the market, John Bradley and Bryan Westlye, the co-owners of the neighboring pub, Rebellion, jumped on board because they loved the concept. Most of the staff stayed on, including Letitia (Tish) Bass who now manages the restaurant.

The staff has worked together to keep all the popular menu options while testing out new ideas as specials each week. Some things will never change—the good quality cheeses, the homemade dressings and the sour bread.

The new owners are keenly aware of the need to provide choices for people with food sensitivities so you can request vegan cheese or gluten-free bread. One of the more popular orders is the “Feed Me Seymour,” a grilled cheese with an impossible patty, chao vegan cheese and thousand island dressing. CRUST also has Vegan Wednesday Specials so you can try out new combinations.

Above all, John and Tish want diners to enjoy their food and come back for more! They are creating a fun, after-work atmosphere with an upgraded list of cocktails and will soon be adding happy hour, shareable appetizers. Other adult beverages are also available.

It’s good to know they have a great patio behind the restaurant that has built-in shade from trees and surrounding buildings so you can dine al fresco. Another tasty tidbit of information we can share is that future plans include expanding the outdoor seating area onto the roof! This sounds like an awesome way to add a little comfort to your life!

Hours: Tues-Sat, 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Sun & Mon, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

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