Feel the Creative Vibes at the Artisan Market

Posted Aug 17th, 2018 in Weekend Wish List

The City of Wilmington created a gem when it founded the Historic Downtown Wilmington Marketplace, otherwise known as the Artisan Market. Adding to the many treasures nestled in Downtown Wilmington, the Artisan Market is a must-visit attraction for locals and tourists alike on Sundays. Unlike the lively atmosphere of the Saturday Farmers’ Market, the vibes of this Sunday staple are distinctly creative. 
Shoppers browse with a curiosity common among craft lovers and they are not disappointed by the eclectic range of products. From recycled metal to glass art to woodcraft, macramé, and jewelry—to name just a few—artisans and artists are in abundance lining both sides of the street along the riverfront. 

You’ll find these vendors really helpful too: they take the time to explain their craft and many will go out of their way to custom design a piece or ship the goods to you anywhere in the country. It’s a great place to explore at a leisurely pace on Sundays throughout the summer and into early fall. 


Hours: Sundays 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

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