Finkelstein’s: A Great Example of Longevity in the Wilmington Market

Posted Dec 5th, 2018 in Retail Roundup

A day without music would be like Downtown Wilmington without Finkelstein’s…it would be tragic! Thankfully, because Finkelstein’s has been an anchor in the central business district since 1906, that’s unlikely to happen.

For four generations, the Finkelstein’s have occupied their building on Front Street. Their business model has evolved over time to grow with a changing market; meanwhile, Finkelstein’s has served the needs of musicians and has been a key player in the jewelry business for over a century.

With its long-standing history, Finkelstein’s remains a force in today’s modern market. The store has a great selection of instruments for sale and offers a price-match guarantee. Great customer service means the staff will always go the extra mile to help you find what you need. The staff, which includes two generations of the Finkelstein family, likes to interact with customers and have fun because music is such a great platform for inter-generational bonding. Finkelstein’s is a judgment-free zone where creativity and culture merge and grow.

You can nurture your creativity by trying out instruments on-site. Budding musicians can get drum, guitar, bass, or ukulele lessons in-house and anyone with an instrument can get help with set-ups, re-strings and repairs. Finkelstein’s also has rental instruments for students starting up in middle or high school bands.

Growing up in the family business, the youngest member of the Finkelstein family, Brian, learned to play multiple instruments and had access to some of the most talented musicians through the business’s involvement in the local music scene. He became a musician and traveled widely after school. During his travels, he was proud to discover the family name was known worldwide. This pride brought him back to Wilmington and into the family business with a goal of driving the store into the modern era.

The most recent developments have included starting a coffee roasting business called “Smooth Press” that he operates out of the second floor of the building and supplies a number of local restaurants. With the recent consolidation of the music and jewelry business on the first floor of the building, the second floor became available for the coffee business. This also freed up a two-floor space at the corner of Market Street that is available for rent.

Featuring some of the finest selections of loose diamonds and jewelry in the area, Finkelstein’s jewelry business is still going strong. Two generations of gemologists have provided expert service and top quality craftsmanship in jewelry custom design and repairs making Finkelstein’s one of the finest jewelry stores in the area.

While Finkelstein’s has grown from strength to strength, the Downtown retail scene has evolved into the thriving Riverfront district we know and love today.

As Brian says, “We’re all in this together so spend time downtown, support local businesses and have some fun.”

Hours: Mon – Sat 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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