Floral Additions Brighten Up Downtown

Posted May 6th, 2019 in Feat of the Week

Downtown Wilmington is a great place to shop, dine and play at any time of year and right now, it’s looking even more inviting for locals and visitors alike. Last week, about 150 hanging baskets were delivered by a local nursery and the Municipal Service District (MSD) Ambassadors hung the baskets on brackets attached to poles on Front Street and North 4th Street.

Last year was the first season for hanging flower baskets in Downtown Wilmington. They were part of a beautification project funded by the MSD. It was also a bit of a learning curve for all because the summer temperatures in Wilmington can be brutal and hanging flower baskets, especially those in exposed locations, require a lot of water. Despite daily watering during the cool early morning hours, some of the plants struggled to thrive so had to be replaced with different species. Persistence paid off and the new varieties fared better adding color to the center city.

The project takes months to plan. Earlier this spring, the nursery refilled the baskets with lantana and sweet potato vine—plants that should tolerate the heat. They were at the nursery until last week when the Ambassadors began installing them. The hanging flower baskets are now being watered daily and will thrive under the care of the Downtown Ambassadors.

We’re also excited to announce more flower baskets will be coming soon to 2nd Street once the approval process is complete. So, next time you’re in Downtown Wilmington, take a moment to look up and admire the hanging flower baskets.

If you see any hanging flower baskets that require attention, please email ambassador@wilmingtondowntown.com and let us know.

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