Goodbye and Best Wishes!

Posted Nov 20th, 2020 in

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If you see Randy Shackleford Downtown and he’s not wearing his powder blue Ambassador shirt, he’s probably sporting a dashiki, a colorful tunic-style shirt worn throughout Africa. Randy has served as an ambassador working in the Municipal Service District, (MSD) in Downtown Wilmington since 2017. He’s quick to help people and picks up on cues when he sees visitors looking for a street, a business or for information about where to park. Living Downtown and serving on the board for organizations like Bellamy Mansion and Residents of Wilmington, (ROW) has given Randy plenty of historical facts that he has shared with many over the years, often while snapping a keepsake photo or offering an umbrella escort on a rainy day.


And while it’s no secret that Randy loves Wilmington and its amazing place in history,
there is another place that has been tugging at his heartstrings for the past 5 years: Zambia Africa.  

Best wishes to Randy as he begins a new adventure; Thank you and goodbye!