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Posted Jan 8th, 2020 in Retail Roundup

Children’s toys are a big focus for many during the holiday shopping season and shoppers often succumb to the latest trend. However, kids can enjoy unique toys and candy in Downtown Wilmington at any time of the year and this is a great place to splurge for upcoming birthdays or other occasions.

Nestled among the shops on the Water Street side of the Cotton Exchange, the Olde Wilmington Toy & Candy Company takes the nostalgic approach. This charming shop sells toys and candy that may remind you of your own childhood.

Inside, the walls and shelves display a colorful array of fun collectibles: Batmobiles, pick-up sticks, pegboards and original 1955 Yo-Yos that will have you misty-eyed reminiscing about the pre-digital era.

Stuffed animals are always popular. Children love to collect different character mermaids or carry their favorite furry friends in kid-sized pocketbooks. If you’ve always dreamed of seeing your child’s name in lights, this shop has the perfect product that does just that!

If you’re already thinking about next year’s holidays, you can choose from the year-round selection of Wilmington-themed ornaments; some are made by local artists. Artisan-crafted fridge magnets and road and street sign replicas are fun decorations for any home.

If you want a taste of nostalgia, Olde Wilmington Toy & Candy Company has four different varieties of locally-made toffees from the Carolina Candy Company. Or, you might like to try some dipped pretzels, caramel cookies, fudge cups and buckeyes for some guaranteed sweetness.

Remember all those old-fashioned hard and soft candies from your childhood? Well, you’ll probably find them here. You can mix and match dime candies or taffy or buy loose candy by the pound. For a real homecoming experience, take a trip down memory lane with old favorites like Chuckles or Black Cow candy bars.

Some say toy stores are for kids. We think you’ll agree this one is for kids of all ages!

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