Re-3 Re-Cap: Stemmerman's Inn

Posted Aug 26th, 2020 in Weekend Wish List

Wilmington Downtown Incorporated, (WDI) in partnership with the Longleaf Foundation, implemented a grant

program to help sustain local businesses affected by Covid- 19 in Wilmington’s central business district,

Brooklyn Arts District, Castle Street to 17th Street, The Cargo District and the South Front District.


The grant program, known as Re-3 was designed to assist owners as they re-opened, re-stocked, and began to

re-cover from challenges and due to generosity of local individuals and businesses it quickly grew

into a fund that was able to issue grants to 37 companies.



STEMMERMAN’S INN offers six guest suites one block east of the Cape Fear River.
The inn is a nice complement to sister events spaces: 128 South, Bakery 105
and the Cottage on Orange.


What First? Owner, Mira Khoury Favor knew right off that
she’d apply her Re-3 grant to upgrade the inn’s website and expand
its social media reach hoping to increase occupancy.  


What’s Next? Mira has been using the Covid Shutdown time to paint, spruce up and hang curtains to make the inn fully operational. At the time of the interview for this piece, the innkeeper was looking forward to hosting the first event at 128 South, in several months and to a full house of guests at the inn.



Thanks. The following generously donated to make Re-3 possible: 

Anonymous * Balding Brothers * Liz Bruning * Coastal Assoc. of Health Underwriters * Weezie Davenport * Joseph Finley * Jennifer Ford *Susan Francy * Griffin Estep * Cheryl Hannah * Clark Hipp * Kerry Knight * Tony Kovalski * Carl Kruger * Longleaf Foundation * John Lynn * Lewis Martin * Monteith Construction* Robert Moyer * Lara Murphrey * nCino * Jay Paulinski *Robison Insurance Services * Bill & Debbie Rudisill* Beth Rutledge & Tim Morgan * Steven Schmitter *The O’Grady-Guida Charitable Gift Fund *Ken Tomaselli * Tracy & Paul Wilkes

For info on how you can donate, contact WDI at: