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Posted Jan 14th, 2020 in Foodie Fodder

Health fads come and go, but good, clean food is here to stay. By eating food that has been grown organically, your body will reap the rewards. There is growing evidence that organic food can benefit your health while being kind to the environment. This is the underlying philosophy of Clean Juice, a business that originated in North Carolina in 2014 and has grown in leaps and bounds ever since. There are now around 100 locations in 23 states and one opened in Downtown Wilmington in 2019.

Clean Juice only uses USDA-certified organic ingredients so you can enjoy fresh, healthy food every day that will nourish and restore your body. The menu includes a delicious selection of açai bowls, greenoa bowls and juices and smoothies made with cold-pressed juice.

The açai bowls may look small but looks are deceptive—they are very satisfying. Ingredients include almond milk or almond butter, cold-pressed fruit, vegetables and granola. All the flavors arise naturally from the fruit. The berry bowl and beach bowls are fan favorites.

If you like robust salads, choose one of three different greenoa bowls that include hearty, mixed greens, quinoa, avocado, nuts, fruits and feta cheese or you can try one of the tasty toast options with avocado, hummus or nut butter—all organic, of course!

Juicing has become popular in recent years. In order to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of the fruits used by Clean Juice, they are cold-pressed in the store and are not treated with high-pressure processing (HPP), a form of pasteurization. This means the nutrients remain intact. Cold-pressed juicing is also a better process for retaining nutrients because some vitamins can be damaged by the heat generated by a blender.

Clean Juice’s smoothies and juices are created with different combinations of mouth-watering, cold-pressed fruits and fiber-rich vegetables. If you want juice to go, there are 12 different varieties of cold-pressed juices in bottles and a few cold-pressed juice wellness shots to choose from. Also, look out for seasonal specials.

If you want Clean Juice’s philosophy to become a bigger part of your lifestyle, check out the website for information on cleansing.

You can also educate your friends and co-workers with an organic catered lunch that includes a discussion about hot nutrition topics. After all, healthy people are more productive.


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