Take a Walk...or Bike Ride...on the North Side

Posted May 31st, 2019 in Weekend Wish List

With the addition of hundreds of new residential units, the population of Downtown Wilmington is growing. Growth is good. It adds to the vibrancy of our center city. The additional residents will also boost the local economy as more people shop, dine and play Downtown.

Downtown Wilmington is very pedestrian friendly and more foot traffic is great for business. With Market Street at its center, shops and restaurants to the south and the north are easily accessible by foot. For leisure, you can also enjoy a stroll along the recently expanded 1.75-mile-long Riverwalk.

A recent study has shown that cities with more recreational facilities are deemed more attractive and are more likely to flourish economically. Downtown Wilmington already has a number of recreational features in its favor—the Cape Fear River and the Riverwalk, historic properties, theaters, museums and art galleries. Soon it will have North Waterfront Park and another new initiative is gaining interest: the Wilmington Rail Trail.

The former rail bed runs from the Cape Fear River, alongside the Wilmington Railroad Museum, past Cape Fear Community College’s Union Station building, next to the new Wave Transit Center that is under construction and through the Brooklyn Arts District to McRae Street. It used to support the Wilmington passenger rail service and has not been active for many years. Now, a group of people interested in activating this corridor has come together to restore and revitalize the trail for recreational use. The group hopes to be able to do this with a combination of grants and private investment.

This is an exciting prospect for Downtown Wilmington. And, this Saturday, it is National Trails Day. To celebrate, the group is inviting you, your friends and neighbors, artists and any other interested people to explore the Wilmington Rail Trail.

Meet at the corner of McRae and Fanning Street and share your vision with others as you walk the trail. The whole trail is flat and walkable in about 20 minutes.

When: Saturday, June 1st, 10:00 a.m. – 12-noon

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