The MSD Ambassadors Spruce up the Planting Beds for Spring

Posted Apr 15th, 2019 in Feat of the Week

In April last year, the planting beds along Front Street in Downtown Wilmington were given a face lift as part of the 2018 Realtor Action Day. Weeds were cleared, shrubs were planted and new mulch was laid. Overall, the beds have fared well considering the center city is always bustling with people and experienced a major hurricane with over 100 inches of rain last year.

We apply mulch to planting beds to keep the soil cool which prevents moisture evaporating and helps keep weeds at bay. It also makes the beds look more attractive. However, as any gardener knows, mulch doesn’t last forever; it gets compacted and breaks down into the soil.

After extreme foot traffic from the Azalea Festival and to keep the planting areas healthy and tidy, the MSD Ambassadors have been busy replacing the mulch with a fresh layer. We’re sure you’ll agree this is a nice touch.

Expect to see some added color in the coming weeks when the newly planted hanging flower baskets are re-installed. All being well, there will be even more than last year.

We welcome your suggestions for keeping Downtown Wilmington beautiful.

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