Wake N Bake Donuts has Carved out a Niche Market Downtown

Posted Oct 9th, 2019 in Retail Roundup

The sweet smell of doughnuts is enough to tempt almost anyone to cast aside calorie-counting and enjoy a little indulgence. Regardless of your good intentions to eat healthily, doughnuts are meant to be a treat so don’t be too hard on yourself when you succumb to temptation.

Doughnuts have been enjoyed globally for centuries and early Dutch settlers introduced them to the United States in the early 18the century. Both cake and yeast-style doughnuts quickly gained popularity and today, the variations are endless.

Despite big-name doughnut companies dominating the national market, many independents like Wake N Bake Donuts have carved out niche markets locally. Wake N Bake was started by two high school buddies from Maryland who had talked about owning their own business for years. Danny Tangredi and JoDan Garza had visited southeastern North Carolina while traveling and loved the area. So, ten years ago, when their market research indicated Wilmington was a city on the brink of huge growth, Danny and JoDan chose to relocate and break into the dessert market for a very simple reason—they both loved doughnuts!

Loving doughnuts is one thing; creating a product that will be sustainable in a competitive market is another. Undeterred, they hired a baker and set to work. Together, they developed a recipe for yeast-style donuts and decided to get creative with toppings. In 2014, Danny and JoDan opened their first store in Carolina Beach and three years later, they opened a second location on Princess Street in Downtown Wilmington. The doughnuts are freshly-baked each day at the Carolina Beach store and delivered downtown for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Wake N Bake’s doughnuts are delicious and with so many toppings to choose from, you can try a different one each time you visit. JoDan says perennial favorites include the Wake N Bacon and The King and new varieties are introduced regularly, especially during the off-season. At this time of year, you can buy seasonal favorites like pumpkin-glazed or pumpkin-cheesecake doughnuts and add a cup of local, organic coffee for the perfect combo.

Be sure to try out and suggest new toppings and let staff know what you think. Customer input is important to Danny and JoDan. Check them out on Facebook! There’s a reason why Wake N Bake Donuts has such a long list of accolades for “Best Donuts” and is a popular choice for weddings and events. Danny and JoDan want to create doughnuts that make you feel good so you’ll tell your friends and keep coming back for more.

Hours: Sun – Thurs, 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Fri & Sat, 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

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