When the Heat is on, Plants Need Water

Posted May 20th, 2019 in Feat of the Week

Just two weeks ago, 150 hanging flower baskets were delivered and hung on brackets attached to poles along Front Street and North 4th Street in Downtown Wilmington. Until then, the flower baskets had been filled, pre-fed with granular fertilizer and nurtured by a local nursery.

The plants were still small on arrival, yet thanks to attention from the Municipal Service District (MSD) Ambassadors, they have now doubled in size. Early each day, the Ambassadors water all the flower baskets using a specially adapted watering system.

As is typical of the climate in southeastern North Carolina, the temperature is rising rapidly and there is a lack of shade in many areas downtown. In order to survive the extreme summer heat, our plants need water—and lots of it! Over 100 gallons of water is used each time they are watered. 

The watering starts early to avoid traffic and disruption to businesses and residents. This also gives the water a chance to soak in before the temperature rises. The plants are now thriving as a result and we think you’ll agree they are a welcome addition to the center city. So, remember to look up next time you’re Downtown and enjoy the floral additions.

If you notice any hanging flower baskets in need of attention, please let us know by emailing ambassador@wilmingtondowntown.com.

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