Release Date: July 17,2019

Press Release: WDI Elects New Officers and Board Members

Wilmington, NC – WDI recently elected a new Board of Directors to lead the organization into the fiscal year that started July 1, 2019.  Focused on promoting Downtown economic growth and investment, WDI is governed by a volunteer, 38-member Board of Directors that represents Downtown business owners, property owners, community leaders and other constituents. 


Dane Scalise was elected the Board Chair.  Scalise has served on the WDI Board since 2015 and most recently was the WDI Board Vice-Chair.  Mr. Scalise works as the Deputy Commissioner of the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Other officers elected include Deb Hays, with Intracoastal Realty, as Board Vice-Chair; Tom David, with City Block Apartments, as Treasurer; and, Spruill Thompson, with Cape Fear Commercial, as Secretary. 


Committee chairs elected include Cathey Luna of Luna Marketing for the Enjoy Committee; Hank Estep of Griffin Estep for the Play Committee; Tyler Pegg of Cape Fear Commercial Suncoast Partners for the Work Committee; and retired architect Steve Whitney will lead the Dream Committee.  Mayor Pro-Tem Margaret Haynes and Commissioner Rob Zapple continue to represent City Council and the New Hanover County Commission on the Executive Committee.  


In addition to new officers, WDI elected other area leaders to serve on the Board of Directors for Fiscal Year 2019-2020.  Andrew Cooke, with McKinley Building, was elected as a new member of the board. 


Other members were re-elected to new terms on the board.  They include:  Robert Beale, WM Jordan Company; Dawn Carter, First Bank; Haley Jensen, Beer Barrio; Sylvia Kochler, attorney (retired); Zach Adams, First Bank; Phoebe Bragg, Residents of Old Wilmington; Fredia Brady, Wilmington Convention Center; Laura Miller, LS3P Architects; John Willse, Wilmington Wine Shop; Hank Estep, Griffin Estep Insurance Group; Paul Pascarosa, Headwater Environmental, Inc.; Debi Causey, Cape Fear Community College; Nancy Bullock, Chandler’s Wharf and Cotton Exchange; Erris Dunston, City of Wilmington; Jennifer Rigby, New Hanover County; Billy King, Wilmington Business Development; Sharon Boyd, UNCW; Eric Laut, Hell’s Kitchen; Tyler Pegg, Cape Fear Commercial Suncoast Partners; and, Steve Whitney (architect, retired).


"This is truly an exciting time for Downtown and for WDI," said Dane Scalise. "Just look around you: development, opportunity, and fun are everywhere in Downtown these days. Furthermore, our newest Board of Directors is stacked with extremely talented and enthusiastic members who care deeply about our mission. I am honored to have been elected to serve as WDI's Chair and look forward to working with the community to promote the economic growth and development of Downtown," he said. 


“WDI is led by a large group of committed volunteers who represent a wide range of interests across the community,” said WDI President and CEO Ed Wolverton.  “As the organization is committed to improve the local economy and create jobs,  I am eager to work with our new leaders to accelerate the momentum,” he added.


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WDI's mission is to promote the economic growth and development of Downtown Wilmington.



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