Release Date: July 8,2011

WDI Welcomes New Board of Directors

July 8, 2011

On Wednesday, June 29, WDI held its annual meeting to elect a new Board of Directors. David Spetrino, re-elected as Board Chairman, will head up the WDI executive committee. Other members of the committee include Cathey Luna as Secretary, Andrew Cooke as Treasurer, Jim Bitto as Vice Chair of CBD Services, Clark Hipp as Vice Chair of Planning, Robert Rosenberg as Vice Chair of Economic Development, Andrew Gray as Vice Chair of Fundraising/Development, Charlie Rivenbark as City Council Appointee, and Brian Berger as County Commission Appointee.

The At-Large Board Members include William Carmichael, Tanner Clayton, Matt Collins, Andrew Cooke, Trip Coyne, Hank Estep, Andrew Gray, Donna Gurganus, Bobby Hamelburg, Lee Hill, Clark Hipp, Daphne Holmes, Teresa Huffmon, Michael Keeler, Lara Landgraf, Cathey Luna, Bob McKoy, Ed Murray, Sabina Newman, Thomas Potratz, and Robert Rosenberg.

Appointed Board Members from local organizations are as follows: Brian Berger with NHC Commissioners, Jim Bitto with Downtown Business Alliance, Nancy Bullock with Cotton Exchange, Bud Dealey with Castle Street District, Robert Erb with Residents of Old Wilmington, Nikki Fisher with Wilmington Convention Center, David Hardin with CFCC, Christine Hughes with City Administration, Billy King with Wilmington Industrial Development, Chris O'Keefe with County Administration, Charlie Rivenbark with City Council, Colleen Rozier with Historic Wilmington Foundation, Fran Scarlett with UNCW, and David Spetrino with Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.

WDI is a public-private partnership governed by a 35-member board that represents various downtown constituencies as well as city and county governments. The board serves from July 1 to June 30, which is WDI's fiscal year. The full board meets quarterly, while the four standing committees meet monthly. WDI's mission is to promote the economic growth and development of downtown Wilmington.

"WDI is thrilled by the current momentum and attention we are seeing Downtown. The Board has many opportunities coming up and is excited to continue bringing more businesses and jobs to the Central Business District," says David Spetrino, Board Chairman.

WDI will focus its efforts on the following goals for the 2011-2012 year: increase commercial occupancy of available space downtown from its current 81% to a minimum of 86%, recruit 3 new businesses from outside the Greater Wilmington Metro Area to the Central Business District, and add 100 new jobs to new and existing downtown businesses through the $100K available within the WDI loan program.

The public is invited to meet the new WDI Board of Directors on July 21, 2011 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at the Calico Room, located at 107 South Front Street. Please RSVP for this event by email: or call (910) 763-7349.


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