Doing Business in Downtown Wilmington

Our Size Fits All

Downtown Wilmington is an ideal location for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a one-person shop or a corporate headquarters, downtown will suit your needs. You'll find the main branches of most major banks here, as well as a full range of business services including legal, accounting, insurance, marketing and conference facilities.  Getting here is a breeze, with immediate highway access to all major points in the southeast. You'll find downtown is a short drive to the airport and to the beaches, and pretty much everywhere in between. The pedestrian-friendly Riverwalk brings a steady flow of local and out-of-town visitors to the area. Since downtown offers both metered parking and several convenient decks, access is easy for visitors and locals alike.

The Harmony of Old & New

Working in beautiful downtown Wilmington almost feels like play. A skyline of ornate steeples frames an area rich with landmark buildings, pristinely restored historic homes, and lots of southern charm. Walking along a street still paved with its original bricks, you'll marvel at the harmony between historic artifacts and modern day advancements. The mighty Cape Fear River beckons, boasting a Riverwalk that will eventually span from bridge to bridge. Having a bustling business district just outside your office is invigorating and inspiring. Shopping, dining, and entertainment choices abound, as do friendly locals, gorgeous views, and the feeling that you've found the perfect balance between the past and future.

Wilmington Downtown Works for You

Charged with leading downtown's renaissance since 1977, WDI works to ensure the continued health and vitality of our Central Business District. We recruit businesses, encourage investment, promote positive change and act as a liaison between interest groups and government. A public-private partnership funded by the City, County, and private donations, WDI is a champion for downtown business and residents. We're proud of our historic riverfront community, and eager to spread the news that downtown Wilmington is quickly becoming one of the most attractive corporate addresses in the southeast.

A Promising Future

Downtown Wilmington is the region's largest business center and is home to more businesses and more jobs than any other district in the area.  We are also continuing to grow as more tech firms, hotels, offices and shops have already announced plans to join this prosperous and dynamic setting. Be where the action is by being Downtown!